Having traveled most of Southern Africa’s highways, byways and back roads I’ve developed both a love and deep appreciation for the region. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the SADC block does not fail to deliver something for the varied ‘eye’ … From Swakhopmund (Namibia) to the Northern Cape’s Nieuwoudtville (South Africa) and Azura’s beaches (Mozambique) the Southern African landscape & experiences offered up, elicit that beautiful sense of wonder. Having said that there are also destinations within these landscapes that stand out above the rest and test the theory of beauty being solely in the eye of the beholder – luxury safari lodge’s & properties so exceptional that the appeal is generically guaranteed to satisfy!

Some of these gems are well hidden and largely unknown whilst others are better known and have travelers around the world dreaming of the day that they get to rest their heads on pillows within these excellent establishments (pillows with thread counts accordingly numbered to assist with a blissful slumber). I’d like to let you know a little more regarding two such gems … Molori Safari Lodge, Madikwe Game Reserve, situated in South Africa’s North West Province & Kwa – Zulu Natal (South Africa’s) Karkloof Safari Spa.

Molori’s Luxury Safari Lodge has two presidential suites which may well ‘put their hands up’ for Africa’s most opulent safari spaces. The Molelo Suite’s 22 meter private ‘plunge pool’ sets the tone for an over the top, decadent and extremely sexy stay. The 650 square meter abode is both extravagant and tasteful. The malaria free, Madikwe Game Reserve’s Big 5 may be waiting for you to take a game drive but I’ll guarantee that you’re not going to want to leave your suite!!!

Karkloof Safari Spa is a unique luxury safari lodge and one of Africa’s finest destinations .. set in a sea of green you will be forgiven for feeling you have checked directly into Eden. Service of the highest level, the continents premier spa, natural beauty and the unique offering of having no set timetable (eat breakfast for lunch or lunch for dinner, at whatever time you choose) come together to make Karkloof Safari Spa a place you will not want to leave … because they understand that they’ve made check in from 8am and check out at 10pm!!!!

karkloof safari spa